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The Grotto

The man who comes to The Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Symbolic Lodge. Where he was taught to revere the name of God and pray for guidance. He came on through the degrees where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded and the Grotto was provided for him as a place where he might join with his brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure and amusement prevail.

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In the United States The Grotto is officially recognized by Grand Lodges as an extension of the degrees of Freemasonry. The Grotto builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge, through dramatic presentation of the individual degrees and other ancient rites.

Its proper rendition requires a large stage, elaborate costumes and stage settings. The ceremonies are lavish and require a cast of thirty or more and offer unlimited opportunities in activities and performances.

They are mysterious, startling and spectacular!

  • USA

    +65,000 Members
  • Canada

    +12,000 Members
  • Italy

    +3,000 Members
  • Egpyt

    +1,500 Members
The Grotto


Its membership is exclusively Masonic and requires you must first be a Master Mason in good standing, and that you continue to maintain a good standing to retain your membership in the Order.

Membership in The Grotto gives you the right to wear its emblem and to participate in its good work, as well as enjoy all its pleasures.

The Grotto leads its members through an Enchanted Realm where the spirit touches the heart and evolves cheerful companionship, eyes beam with delight and laughter goes with its mystic fellowship.

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The Temple Builders

When the temple first broke upon her view, the Queen of Sheba, exclaimed in admiration, "A most excellent Master must have done this!"

Operative Freemasons

The Temple Builders is a fraternity of the worlds best Stone Masons, Stone Carvers, Carpenters and Skilled Tradesmen in the industry. These men lay the foundations stones from which the world is built upon.

The Temple Builders

The Temple Builders

Temple Builders is exclusively Masonic and its members unite with each other and their families in bonds of friendship and mutual assistance that are all part of being a Grotto member. A mutual tie that in this world is greatly needed and nothing could be finer or more rewarding.


Membership is by invitation only. If you feel you have what it takes and would like to be considered, please download, fill out and send in the membership petition or contact us to learn more.

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Timeline of Capitol Hill

Construction of the U.S. Capitol Building began in 1793 atop Jenkins' Hill, now often referred to as "Capitol Hill."

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View the Architect of the Capitol on Flickr

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